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Why WMS systems brought evolutions to logistics market?

The emergence of WMS was a real revolution for the logistics market, meaning a complete change in the approach to handling warehouses and logistics centers. The advanced Warehouse Management Systems software has allowed not only to solve the everyday problems faced by employees from the logistics industry, but also to increase the quality of services and reduce costs. Most importantly, the changes offered by the implementation in ibcsTiger warehouse are real changes that enable the implementation of all necessary warehouse processes.

WMS or professional warehouse management and product location

One of the biggest and most common problems in the logistics industry is the issue of the location of a specific good or batch of goods. Not only people managing huge warehouses are struggling with it, but also employees of logistics centers, in which the rapid flow (receipt and release) of goods takes place in real time and requires consideration of many exceptions and unusual factors. The functions provided by the WMS system allow for a very free location of the goods at every stage of its storage, as well as for tracking the shipment path between warehouse departments and between cooperating warehouses or logistics centers.

However, this is not the end of the real revolution that awaits all logistics specialists along with the implementation of the WMS system in their companies. Reducing the number of mistakes and the resulting decrease in the number of complaints and optimizing costs is just one side of the coin, which is certainly important for anyone interested in introducing WMS in their warehouse.

Taking into account the key need of our customers, i.e. controlling the expiry date of the stored goods, we decided to equip ibcsTiger system with a function that guarantees the actual release of the oldest or specifically required batch of goods. This is the end of omissions, which cause the warehouse to issue goods with the longest shelf life, and on the shelves at this time are products whose use or consumption is shortening each day. Thanks to the implementation of a professional inventory control system, which is ibcsTiger, warehouse employees have the opportunity to determine the parameters that determine the importance of quickly issuing a specific batch of goods and at the right moment remind them of the need to prioritize certain products to be released from the warehouse.

Another important option that should interest everyone who is thinking about introducing the WMS system in their warehouse is the ability to control the goods in terms of taking delivery. This allows you to plan the warehouse space management that excludes the possibility of receiving a very large amount of one type of goods at the expense of other products. In short, warehouse management with the help of WMS ibcsTiger is the most rational use of storage space and goods accepted for it.

WMS systems, i.e. real time and money saving

Savings are now one of the key goals for any business. A one-time investment in your own professional WMS allows you to introduce a completely new savings policy in a logistics company. The first and basic advantage associated with saving by introducing the WMS system is the reduction of time and costs of performing warehouse operations related to searching for goods in the warehouse.

We can also save on WMS by reducing employee training time. Thanks to ibcsTiger, implementing new or seasonal employees is easier than ever. The WMS system by IBCS Poland allows the young and inexperienced employee to be assigned simpler or less demanding tasks and to control his work at every stage. In addition, by working with ibcsTiger, we avoid the chaos associated with the involvement of new employees in projects that simply can surpass their knowledge and skills in the world. Just like in an advanced simulator, we only give them the right section of work, avoiding getting them involved in the most priority or requiring relevant knowledge projects.

ibcsTiger system also allows saving on printing! The transition to the digital world and work only on digitized documents has two advantages. The first of these is the aforementioned and very real saving on printing. The second possibility to completely change the approach and allow employees in our warehouse to operate in a task-oriented mode!

The advantages of the WMS system mentioned in this article are just a part of the benefits that the logistics company and its employees will enjoy when implementing the ibcsTIger system.