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Why can ibcsTiger solve the most important problems of every warehouse and logistics company?

Everyone who has worked in the logistics industry for some time, is aware of the problems faced by people dealing with storage and logistics. Work in such an advanced and complicated industry requires paying attention to many seemingly insignificant factors that really determine the proper functioning of a logistics company. Some of the mistakes and problems can be reduced by a well-trained team, but even the most experienced employee is unable to avoid mistakes that modern technology can completely eliminate!

Modern ibcsTiger WMS system

Fortunately, WMS systems have come to the rescue of all logistics employees for some time. One of the best systems of this type is available on the Polish market ibcsTiger. The product created by a team of experts from ibcs Poland is a solution that can solve the most important problems of any storage and logistics company.

ibcsTiger system allows for the actual implementation of a storage strategy such as FIFO, FEFO or LIFO. These advantages, however, are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg important for the board. WMS created by our specialists allows for the introduction of real changes that can be felt by all employees (also those employed seasonally) of a logistics company, forwarding center or warehouse! Take, for example, an inventory that some people don’t like. TibcsTiger system allows not only to reduce inventory time and simplify the entire process to a minimum, but also, thanks to the automatic identification of goods, allows you to achieve the true ideal, i.e. no need to block the entire warehouse for the duration of the inventory operation! From here, we are only a step away from fulfilling the dream of every warehouse manager, i.e. the maximum use of available storage space. A company using WMS ibcsTiger can freely manage the entire warehouse space, planning the distribution of goods in such a way as to avoid chaos and even more efficiently control and release specific batches. Importantly, thanks to WMS ibcsTiger, it is possible to constantly obtain information about available inventory. At the same time, you can take into account all the attributes of the goods relevant to the warehouse, such as batch, expiry date or order of receipt.

ibcsTiger, or real savings

Purchase of your own WMS system is an investment that will pay off in a very short time. Reason? Only WMS as advanced as ibcsTiger allows you to simultaneously reduce the time and costs of performing warehouse operations and reduce the number of mistakes. Each eliminated error is not only a lack of losses, but also the possibility of implementing a savings program, as well as a big image plus for a company that will be perceived by its clients as reliable and reliable.

The savings associated with eliminating mistakes are, however, only one of the advantages of a modern WMS such as ibcsTiger. Another is to limit the time needed to train new or seasonal employees. Thanks to the functions that ibcsTiger has, we can not only assign simpler tasks to less advanced employees, but also control the work of warehouse staff, by recording each operation with the user ID of the user who performed the given action. This allows you to quickly track the source of a possible error and optionally instruct or even train the person responsible for the error. Anyway, why make mistakes if you can eliminate them one hundred percent? In ibcsTiger system, each system user can be assigned individual rights to any warehouse operation in the system. Thanks to this, more difficult tasks will be allocated only to appropriately qualified employees, and the simpler ones will be left to junior warehouse staff, who in addition will not even have the opportunity to make a big mistake, because such a possibility will simply be unavailable to them!

A saving that is rarely mentioned in the context of WMS systems is the complete elimination of paper documents in warehouse work. This allows not only to optimize the costs associated with printing, but also to implement processes in task and real-time mode.
Of course, every logistics company, forwarding center or warehouse has its problems, which depend on many factors. As you can see in these few very basic and general examples – the implementation of the WMS ibcsTiger system allows you to solve not only the smallest, but also the most complicated problems of any warehouse logistics company.