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What is ibcsTiger system?

ibcsTiger is Warehouse Management System that can help improve the work of a warehouse or logistics center. The advantages of warehouse management systems are numerous, and each of their users certainly has their own list of benefits, created during many hours of work in the warehouse.

How was ibcsTiger system created?

ibcsTiger system is the flagship product of IBCS Poland. Our company belongs to the IBCS Group (International BarCode Systems Group), which operates in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary. IBCS Polska offers professional logistics solutions for warehouse management, monitoring of production processes, in-store process management in retail outlets, and even supporting work in the field of sales representatives, service technicians or repair teams. All solutions offered by our company allow to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes carried out using them, as well as reduce costs and contribute to the increase of competitive advantage.

ibcsTiger system is an original WMS system created by IBCS Poland experts based on their many years of experience in working with clients from the logistics industry. A thorough analysis of the client’s needs, his working environment as well as the threats and challenges that await every company that deals with logistics has enabled the system functionality to be programmed so that it is a complete solution and tailored to the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Areas of WMS ibcs Tiger operation

ibcsTiger has been created for companies that require more. We wanted to provide them with a product that would not only meet their current expectations, but would be adapted to the requirements of employees as the company grows and the number of tasks increases. That is why we decided to create a completely new, proprietary WMS system from scratch.

What is ibcsTiger system?

ibcsTiger allows for, among other things:

  • warehouse operations management,
  • comprehensive resource management,
  • integrating the flow of goods and logistics units,
  • improving the process of training new and seasonal employees.
What is ibcsTiger system?

ibcsTiger system brings benefits in processes such as:

  • goods receipt and delivery,
  • moving goods within one or between several warehouses,
  • issue or shipment of goods,
  • inventory,
  • production, packaging and packaging and repackaging of resources.

Impressive? And these are only some of the advantages of a professional WMS ibcsTiger. Our Warehouse Management System also allows for:

  • automatic allocation of locations for products accepted into the warehouse or transferred between locations
  • improving the flow of goods between units in accordance with the principles of FIFO, LIFO, FEFO
  • automating the process of issuing / accepting returnable packaging together with the issued / received goods
  • generating advanced reports and analyzes regarding all areas that WMS supports
    support of the forwarding process and quick distribution of a very large amount of
  • goods together with connection to external forwarding tools and division of shipment of goods into smaller or larger groups, taking into account the necessary exceptions or special orders.

Where and how ibcsTiger can improve warehouse operations?

The above-mentioned areas of operation, functions and capabilities of ibcsTiger warehouse management system are, however, only part of the benefits that the company gains with the implementation of this excellent system. His work is able to support warehouse workers at every stage of their activities.

The dispatcher, thanks to ibcsTiger, can group and plan operations, as well as assign them to specific employees. At the same time, in the external system (ERP or FK) cooperating with our WMS, advanced document processing can take place, and the warehouse ordered work by dispatchers related to storage, transfer and confectioning of the assortment, which through the complementation area is prepared for dispatch or accepted directly from the area input / output.
Employees equipped with professional readers and terminals are able to prepare and print labels on a regular basis to track the path of goods. Importantly, ibcsTiger can work with ibcsVoice picking system, further facilitating work and allowing the hands to be “free” and providing employees with the desirable freedom and convenience of their activities.

The truth is that such a short article is not able to present all the advantages of WMS ibcs Tiger. To put them together with examples of use in specific situations, it would be necessary to do so in at least several dozen texts! That is why everyone who faces problems with warehouse service or want to further reduce the costs of logistics service in their company is welcome to contact us at or at +48 18 44 21 666.