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What does implementation of ibcsTiger system look like?

Implementation of WMS system is a very advanced process that requires proper preparation and planning of the work schedule. Attentive readers of our blog know, however, that the IBCS Poland team has had many successful implementations of our WMS system. Till now, we have implemented ibcsTiger in companies such as DPD, T.G.BEWA, Dekorglass and Universal Express Distribution. Everyone interested in whether Warehouh4se Management System will work in their company, we invite you to the previous entry, and today in a few simple words we will explain how an example implementation of the WMS ibcsTiger system can look like.

What is the process of implementing modern WMS?

Each implementation of the WMS system is an individual process that is adapted to the needs of the company and its employees. Regardless of the needs presented to employees and company management in the ordering process, such implementation is always based on the implementation methodology developed by IBCS Poland. This ensures a scalable structure of activities, and also guarantees the correct and timely implementation of the WMS system, without affecting the daily life and work of the company.

The correct implementation of the ibcsTiger system is a step-by-step approach and divides the whole process into five simple phases:

Phase one of WMS implementation - requirements analysis

What does implementation of ibcsTiger system look like?

At this stage, the most important thing is to define the implementation goals and estimate the costs. This is the first of two planning stages that allows you to pre-define your requirements, and thus overall planning of the WMS implementation budget in your company.

Phase two of WMS implementation - pre-implementation analysis

What does implementation of ibcsTiger system look like?

At this stage, we are preparing an advanced system design, which includes, among others, identifying customer requirements for warehouse operations. This allows for even better adaptation, always flexible, of our WMS system to the requirements of the board and the needs of employees.

Phase three of WMS implementation - Implementation of additional interface modifications to the external system

What does implementation of ibcsTiger system look like?

At this stage, our experts responsible for implementing WMS ibcsTiger are preparing all additional components, which, as previous stages of preparation have shown, are the most important from the point of view of the end users of the system and the specifics of the company that will use it.

Phase four of WMS implementation - proper implementation

What does implementation of ibcsTiger system look like?

The most important and the most difficult phase of the WMS implementation process. It is at this stage that all “magic” happens. IBCS Poland experts perform a complicated but repeatedly rehearsed process of the overall implementation of the ibcsTiger Warehouse Management System in the company.

Phase five of WMS implementation - final works and commissioning

What does implementation of ibcsTiger system look like?

Starting the project in this phase is transferred to the support area and the final system acceptance report is being prepared.

The five stages outlined above make up the entire WMS ibcsTiger implementation process. After receiving the work, there is also often training of employees dealing with the most important tasks in the company in the operation of the WMS system and presenting them with the palette of possibilities offered by ibcsTiger. Further training, for example of younger or seasonal employees, is already possible inside the company using the knowledge of people trained by our team. What is important, however, IBCS Poland attaches great importance to the quality of its services and does not leave customers “alone” when signing the final invoice and the service acceptance protocol. As the authors of WMS, we feel responsible for our system and the knowledge of all people who have the opportunity to perform their daily professional duties on it. That is why we are distinguished by the fact that we offer support at the appropriate level both during and after the sale and implementation of the product.

How long does it take to implement WMS system?

It remains for us to answer one more question. Due to the fact that the comprehensive implementation of WMS is an advanced process and requires the involvement of a multi-person team of experts and multi-level cooperation between the contracting company and the service provider, such implementation lasts from three months to six months.

As you can see in the example above, the example implementation of the WMS ibcsTiger system is a seemingly difficult process, which, however, thanks to the involvement of our group of experts is carried out in such a way that it always has the least impact on the way the company operates.