3 most important benefits of implementing ibcsTiger system

ibcsTiger WMS_korzyściMany years of experience in implementing Warehouse Management Systems in companies from various industries have taught us that, despite differences in the types of operations and needs that change depending on the segment in which the business is conducted, some WMS needs are common. Therefore, to meet the expectations and questions of people who want to implement the WMS system in their company, we decided to bring the most important benefits of implementing such a system.

Benefits of implementing ibcsTiger system

1. Reduction of time and costs of performing warehouse operations

From the point of view of most entrepreneurs from the logistics industry, the most important benefit associated with the implementation of the WMS ibcsTiger system is the ability to reduce the time of existing warehouse operations. Automating some processes and eliminating the mistakes and work they can generate allows you to save a large amount of time that can be spent on completely different activities. Time is money, so along with saving time spent on carrying out warehouse operations and possible complaints, we also have the chance to save money! The reduction of warehouse maintenance costs is one of the most important advantages in favor of the introduction of the WMS system in the company. ibcsTiger system for your warehouse will save not only on these processes, but also on employee training and printing (ibcsTiger system allows you to work 100% in a digital environment).

2. Increasing the efficiency of the picking process, especially when using Pick by Voice technology

Maximizing the efficiency of the complementation process is one of the key tasks posed by modern logistics. The implementation of a professional WMS, which is ibcsTiger, allows to significantly increase the efficiency of complementation thanks to the use of Pick by Voice technology. Each warehouse employee is equipped with headphones and a microphone, thanks to which he communicates with the system and, without using his hands, receives and sends information about the work he needs to do.

3. Elimination of errors in the identification of goods

We have just written that, from the point of view of most companies, the most important advantage associated with the implementation of the ibcsTiger system is the ability to reduce the time and costs of performing warehouse operations. It is true. However, there are those entrepreneurs who consider the possibility of eliminating errors in identifying goods as the most important benefit of implementing a professional WMS. As you know, the biggest enemy of modern logistics and storage is chaos and mess. ibcsTiger allows you to completely control the chaos and bring order so desirable in every warehouse. Accurate system for identifying goods, labeling, the ability to control the place in the warehouse and grouping of goods due to predetermined criteria (e.g. expiry date). All this means that employees who once start working with ibcsTiger will never want to use other tools again.


As mentioned above, the benefits listed above are the most important pros from the point of view of our clients related to the implementation of the ibcsTiger WMS system. The list of advantages of our Warehouse Management System is, however, much broader and includes, among others:

  • the possibility of adapting WMS system to cooperate with modern technologies that automate warehouse operations,
  • possibility of easy interface with other ERP master systems,
  • shortening the inventory time, thanks to the automatic identification of goods and the resulting lack of necessity to block the entire warehouse,
  • constant information on available stock, taking into account all attributes of goods, such as batch, expiry date, etc.,
  • the ability to control the work of warehousemen by recording each operation with the user ID of the user who performed the activity,
  • implementation of a storage strategy such as FIFO, FEFO, LIFO.

As you can see in examples above, the advantages of implementing ibcsTiger system are so many that listing them would take a lot more space than the average length of an article. One thing is certain: when creating ibcsTiger system, we were guided by the needs and expectations of employees of the logistics industry, which we met during our several years of improving IT systems for warehouse management. Thanks to this, we were able to create a WMS system that end users rate as the best on the market.