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VELKOM WLKM Kurczuk s.c.

Universal Express Distribution is a leading company dealing in the storage and distribution of promotional materials, such as stickers, posters, samples, promotional stands, gadgets and advertising boards. The company provides comprehensive support for elements supporting the promotion of enterprises in many industries. “We have been providing promotional material storage and distribution services for 12 years, so we have unparalleled experience in Poland,” says Adam Bieniek, General Director of the Distribution Department at UED. The company is a member of the international Universal Express Capital Group.

Business problems – implementation goals

The purpose of implementing warehouse system was to support logistics processes occurring at Velkom’s warehouse and related to third-party logistics services, and in particular to eliminate mistakes in identifying goods during picking, tracking production batch numbers, managing storage space, eliminating paper documents in warehouse handling and providing selected information to external contractors via the online B2B platform.

Implementation process

System implemented in Velkom is a version of IBCS Poland warehouse system adapted to support groupage (distribution) warehouses, where goods are stored in packaging or in bulk, without the need to build logistic units. This solution provides support for all required warehouse processes (deliveries, picking, dispatch, inventories, intra-warehouse movements), and also provides the opportunity to cooperate with external contractors by providing information on current inventory levels and allows you to order instructions and view their status. IBCS Poland system at Velkom works on Motorola MC9090 mobile terminals in a wireless network infrastructure based also on Motorola AP5131 devices. The implementation included a comprehensive supply of IT system and devices, as well as warehouse marking services.

Work began in mid-2010 with a business analysis of functional requirements, on the basis of which the system design was prepared. It included a list of required functionality, description of individual usage scenarios that are an image of implemented processes, technical design of the system, description of interfaces to external financial and accounting systems of Velkom’s contractors and analysis of project threats. After approval of the project, specialists from IBCS Poland began implementation works that finalized internal system tests and reporting readiness to start the implementation of the system at the client’s. In the meantime, hardware consultants configured and installed devices and network infrastructure, as well as marked the warehouse in accordance with the concept agreed in the project. The implementation at the client’s location included the installation of the system, its stabilization (implementation of notified changes and reservations) and interface tests with external financial and accounting systems. After the completion of stabilization works and notification of readiness for launch, in the first quarter of 2011, user training, zero inventory was carried out and the system started production with the assistance of several days of IBCS Poland consultants.

Business Benefits

Thanks to the use of barcodes and portable computers, the system allows for easy, fast and error-free data collection, which translates into increased quality and speed of operations, eliminating paper documentation, the ability to analyze the flow of goods along with the division into production batches, as well as better space management storage. The implementation of the IBCS Poland warehouse system resulted in a rational use of Velkom’s potential and creation of new development opportunities. Its compliance with the international GS1 standard and the provision of an integrated B2B platform, allowed to increase the level of services offered and facilitated the possibility of making new contacts with business entities.