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Business Partners

Hardware solutions

Do you want to make better decisions?

Zebra Technologies can help you get more complete and up-to-date information. Having a clear picture of the company in front of you, you will react faster to situations that arise, it is easier to predict the next ones and plan future actions more accurately.

Zebra solutions support all this. At IBCS Poland, you will find, a wide range of efficient, resistant mobile and stationary devices – terminals, tablets or on-board computers – constantly connected to your logistics system, as well as advanced technology for identifying and tracking objects, assets and workflow.

Zebra has awarded us the Premier Solution Partner certificate.


Are you thinking about upgrading your equipment with durable automatic data identification devices?

Honeywell solutions make it possible. Imagine the highest quality and reliability of your:

  • scanners,
  • mobile computers,
  • barcodes,
  • label printers,
  • voice picking system.

Cooperation with this company has brought us 2 certificates:

Platinum Performance Partner Workflow Solutions Specialist,
Honeywell Voice Gold Total Solution Partner


Do you need access to a wide range of modern data processing devices?
In the offer of one manufacturer – Datalogic – we will find new generation industrial class devices for you:

  • scanners,
  • tablets,
  • PDA,
  • mounted industrial computers.

Do you want to automate data identification on a world-class level?
This is the specialization of Unitech – a company with 30 years of experience in the field of automatic identification. We will choose and integrate with your logistics system:

  • Mobile computers (Enterprise Mobile),
  • reinforced PDA,
  • industrial tablets,
  • RFID readers,
  • barcode scanners,
  • T&A,
  • Smart Living.


Your tablets are still too weak and prone to failures?
Xplore offers the most resistant and efficient industrial models with increased tolerance for:

  • shocks,
  • extreme temperatures,
  • vibrations,
  • impacts and falls,
  • emissions.

Check our offer of devices for all conditions and ask about implementation.


You especially care about durable and long-lasting mobile terminals?

PointMobile range includes exactly such devices – designed and developed for intensive use in everyday business.


Do you want to improve the performance of RFID technology and barcodes?
The answer is the offer of SATO Polska – an expert in automatic identification and data collection systems. Integrated solutions go hand in hand with:

  • easy access to compatible devices, consumables and software,
  • more efficient implementation,
  • cost savings
  • environmental protection.

Are you looking for the best devices for volumetric weight measurement?
Check out our Parceltools – Cubetape offer for transport and logistics.

Do you need more control over the resources entrusted to employees?

Your devices, work clothes, equipment and materials are scattered in random places after the change or they cannot be located at all? There are accidents or work delays because the equipment suddenly calls for service? Apex is developing an RFID cabinet system that will automate the collection and sharing of business resources, and will also ensure periodic maintenance of devices by communicating with external services.


Do you want to improve scanning in production?
Invest in handheld scanners – ProGlove – that will create an intuitive and ergonomic form of scanning to:

  • improve production processes,
  • increase employee productivity,
  • reduce the risk of errors,
  • speed up the really committed ones.

Is your warehouse transport too slow and prone to accidents?
The implementation of AMR robots from Fetch Robotics in a few hours will transform human-assisted transport into an automated and safe robot environment that will participate in picking, transport the heaviest and most dangerous loads up to one and a half tons, and even carry out automated inventory and disinfection with UV lamps.


Are you planning to replace your mobile printers?
Brother Group implements the latest technology and 100 years of experience into its models. Take your printers with you. Print wherever you want – with one device, on multiple media.

Epson printers – see the offer
Epson offers a wide selection of desktop, industrial and semi-industrial printers. If you want to know the details of the products offered, please contact us:

  • color label printers
  • desktop color label printers
  • semi-industrial color label printers
  • industrial color printers for large volumes