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BASCO 2 - ibcsTiger WMS implementation in a warehouse.
How to improve logistics processes in the company?

BASCO 2 is a company specializing in heating and installation technology. It supplies professionals from both the wholesale and retail markets with its products. The company supports large investments, contractors, installers and stores.

The activity of BASCO 2 is not limited to sales only. The company offers professional help from its advisers and assistants. Having an extensive transport fleet, it enables quick delivery of goods to customers.

BASCO 2 in numbers:

➡ 5,000 square meters of warehouse and office space alone.
➡ 12,000 square meters of paved outdoor area
➡ 70 thousand indexes
➡ over 20 vans

BASCO 2 expected:

✅ optimization and automation of logistics and warehouse processes,
✅ expanding the range of goods offered by the wholesaler and expanding the warehouses,
✅ current information on the storage of goods,
✅ increasing work efficiency,
✅ error reduction,
✅ integration with ERP system (interface).

The main challenge in this project was the specificity of the heating and installation industry. This area is characterized by seasonality and variety of assortment. In the high season, this means handling many orders with different quantities of items and different sizes of the assortment.

A challenge for logistics is efficient and quick service for small and large entrepreneurs and installers. The lack of even one element can completely block the planned installation at the customer’s site.

In order to streamline these processes, a decision was made to implement the solution proposed by IBCS Poland. It is IBCS Poland own iclass WMS system, ibcsTiger. As part of the project, Zebra MC92N0 terminals with 2D barcode readers and necessary accessories were delivered, as well as Zebra ZT410 industrial printers.

ibcsTiger in  BASCO 2

Technological solutions proposed by IBCS Poland were implemented in BASCO 2 for 12 months. The process was divided into three main stages.

☑ analysis, the purpose of which was to create a system design
☑ implementation according to the developed system design. This stage was divided into tasks, among others: installation of the basic version, implementation of modifications, extension with additional functionalities, implementation of the interface, configurations, training, assistance during the production launch
☑ maintaining the correct operation of the system and switching to service care mode

Full cooperation – both on the part of IBCS Poland and the implementation team from BASCO 2 – allowed for the creation of a solution fully adapted to the needs of the warehouse.

One solution, many possibilities

ibcsTiger WMS system is connected to an external ERP system. Using the interface, it exchanges messages in real time. It manages the work of the warehouse using mobile terminals and label printers. From the level of the office user, management is available through the www panel.

➡ Receipts of goods are carried out in a planned mode based on orders from the ERP system directed to the supplier and unplanned to handle other deliveries.

➡ Internal transfers – the system suggests the place of storage of the goods, while the warehouseman has the option of putting them to another place in the warehouse. Internal transfers allow you to change the location of items and carriers in the warehouse without changing its overall condition. Transfers can be carried out in a planned mode (from the system level) or unplanned mode (from the employee level).
➡ Releases: More than one collection may be created for a single picking order depending on the established criteria related to the zone and/or location of the required item. Scheduled orders are carried out by the warehouse worker in accordance with the created collection path, picking is carried out to picking containers of various types (pallets, cartons, bags, etc.), each of which is marked with a picking ticket containing a unique container number assigned to a given picking order. Once the picking is complete, the created shipping media are labeled with address labels. After marking with address labels, shipping carriers are delivered to the storage location assigned to a given route.

➡ Loading handling – together with the transport order, loading orders are created for individual release recommendations. The system controls the quantity, order and correctness of loading.

➡ Warehouse space management – storage is carried out with the division of the warehouse into zones serving groups of goods. The system designates dedicated collection points for each assortment with a specific minimum condition, and manages transport orders and loads.

Cooperation focused on comprehensiveness of activities

The implementation of the solutions described here allowed BASCO 2 to efficiently manage the warehouse in real time, optimize its work, significantly improve the quality and comfort of work, and meticulously control all processes – from the moment of accepting the goods to their loading for transport.

“We trusted IBCS Poland due to their extensive experience and specialization in the implementation of complex projects that improve the functioning of logistics in enterprises. The implementation of the solutions proposed by IBCS Poland has already brought the company, among others, significant time savings in the field of logistics services for the entire enterprise. And the forecasts are even more optimistic, because the development of ibcsTiger WMS system and the implementation of its further functionalities are already planned.” – says Paweł Nawrot from BASCO 2